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Cluenatic is a mindsport that lets you decode a lot about a personality by unraveling four clues: a) the lateral clue b)the name clue c) the trivia clue and d) the fame clue. I formulated this game in 2004. I ran it as a daily game on yahoo groups. I set nearly 300 puzzles. A kind soul named Chandramouli pitched in with the rest. This blog will serve as a repository for some of the better cluenatic puzzles. To see the answer, just click the comment link.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

This One's As Good As It Gets

NAME CLUE: 28th Child
FAME CLUE: Cuculidae Home


Blogger anantha said...

LATERAL: 53 = the 53rd card = The Joker in the pack.
NAME: 28th Child = the 28th element is Nickel & Child is son. So that's Nickel + Son.
TRIVIA: 12 = 12 Oscar nominations.
FAME: Cuculidae Home = Cuculidae is the biological term for Cuckoos & Home is nest. So Cucilidea Home is Cuckoos nest.
THE PERSONALITY: What connects The Joker, Nickelson, 12 Oscar Nominations & Cuckoo's Nest. The answer's obviously Jack Nicholson. He played The Joker in Batman. He has 12 Oscar nominations as an actor and one of his more famous flicks is 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'.

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