The Best of Cluenatic

Cluenatic is a mindsport that lets you decode a lot about a personality by unraveling four clues: a) the lateral clue b)the name clue c) the trivia clue and d) the fame clue. I formulated this game in 2004. I ran it as a daily game on yahoo groups. I set nearly 300 puzzles. A kind soul named Chandramouli pitched in with the rest. This blog will serve as a repository for some of the better cluenatic puzzles. To see the answer, just click the comment link.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

A Novel Puzzle

LATERAL CLUE: First children
NAME CLUE: Quivering shooter
TRIVIA CLUE: Footprint on a grassy plot
FAME CLUE: Precise with the payment

Puzzle framed by Mouli. For the solution click the comments link.