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Cluenatic is a mindsport that lets you decode a lot about a personality by unraveling four clues: a) the lateral clue b)the name clue c) the trivia clue and d) the fame clue. I formulated this game in 2004. I ran it as a daily game on yahoo groups. I set nearly 300 puzzles. A kind soul named Chandramouli pitched in with the rest. This blog will serve as a repository for some of the better cluenatic puzzles. To see the answer, just click the comment link.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Best Solved on a Friday

LATERAL CLUE: 28 Communist Hued Years
NAME CLUE: Team Plant
FAME CLUE: Can't hear enemy's work


Blogger anantha said...

LATERAL CLUE: 28 Communist Hued Years = The colour of communism is red. Red hue is Maroon. Communist hued is Marooned. So that's 28 Marooned Years.
NAME CLUE: Team Plant = Team is Crew & Plant is to Sow. So Team Plant is Crew Sow.
TRIVIA CLUE: Icy Shore = Icy is Chilly and Shore is Coast = Chilly Coast.
FAME CLUE: Can't hear enemy's work = Can't hear is deaf, enemy is foe = Deaf Foe's Work.
PERSONALITY: What connects 28 Marooned Years, Crew Sow, Chilly Coast & Deaf Foe's Work. Well the answer is Robinson Crusoe, an immortal character created by Daniel Defoe. According to Defoe's story, Robinson Crusoe was marooned for nearly 28 years. As you are aware Robison Crusoe was based on the tale of Alexander Selkirk who got stuck in an island off the coast of Chille. That island has now been named as Robinson Crusoe Island.

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