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Cluenatic is a mindsport that lets you decode a lot about a personality by unraveling four clues: a) the lateral clue b)the name clue c) the trivia clue and d) the fame clue. I formulated this game in 2004. I ran it as a daily game on yahoo groups. I set nearly 300 puzzles. A kind soul named Chandramouli pitched in with the rest. This blog will serve as a repository for some of the better cluenatic puzzles. To see the answer, just click the comment link.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Are you sure you can crack this one?

NAME CLUE: Doctor Begins Here
TRIVIA CLUE: Inscription
FAME CLUE: Experience Sound Level


Blogger anantha said...

LATERAL CLUE: Fifty-Fifty = Being unsure = Uncertainty
NAME CLUE: Doctor Begins Here = Doctor is a hint that you must manipulate the words Begins Here.
TRIVIA CLUE: Inscription = Epitaph
FAME CLUE: Experience Sound Level = Experience is Know, Sound Level measure is Bel. So that's Knowbel.
PERSONALITY: What connects Uncertainty, Begins Here anagram, Epitaph & Knowbel? Play with Begins Here and you'll figure out that the answer is Heisenberg, the scientist best remembered for his Uncertainty principle. Heisenberg won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1932. And his epitaph is very curious. True to his principle, his epitaph reads: He lies here...somewhere.

7:37 PM  
Blogger icarus prakash said...

in chennai parlance, this is called 'azhukuNi Attam". How nice will it be if you post the puzzle on the first day and solution the next day?

9:06 PM  
Blogger anantha said...

sir, these puzzles have been played 3 years ago by many souls. so no point in holding back the answers. those who wish to take a shot at it will resist the urge to click the comments link.

12:46 AM  
Blogger icarus prakash said...

point taken. will try to control my urge and crack the forthcoming ones. anyways, very interesting wordgame, among the ones which i have heard and played so far..

3:35 AM  

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